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Getting the right help and finding the right people is really important.

The likelihood of a person delivering their true potential is greatly increased when they are engaged, studies show that keeping an employee engaged can increase enthusiasm and focus.

One HR strategy that has been particularly successful for Sir Richard Branson of the VIRGIN Group and his companies is the “walk-about managing technique”, where a manager literally walks around instead of sitting behind their desk all day. Whenever Branson takes a Virgin flight, for example, as soon as the seat belt sign goes off, he makes sure to get up, walk around, and gather feedback from his airline staff and the other passengers.

“One of the key attributes to being a good leader is listening, and very importantly, make sure you act on that feedback when you get back to base.”

According to Branson, improving even the smallest aspects of a company can help push it from average to outstanding. “An exceptional company is one that gets all the little details right”.


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